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Play: The 7.5 miles of beach at Lincoln City have a firm leash law, but bring your hound with you to hunt for a souvenir glass float from local glassblowing studios; volunteers hide the baubles above the tide line.

Stay: Next to a plate of cookies for the humans is a welcome kit for Miss Bea: a housemade sweet-potato treat tied in a white ribbon, water and food dishes, an ample stack of plastic bags, and two fresh sheets.

Shop: Wag’n Tails’ self-wash area benefits from the store owner’s freely admitted fastidiousness: The place is spotless and cleaned between each dog, ideal for a post-surf bath.

Stay: Canine guests--up to two, of any size--will get a dog bowl, treats, and two pet pee pads (all for an extra per night).

They welcome them, and their canine quirks, openly.

This is why there are so many dog-friendly beach towns on the rocky, rugged coast—there’s so much for a dog to do, and relatively little trouble to get into.

“But there are some just built for it, like the English bulldog, with its low center of gravity and great balance.” 20 minutes south of San Diego.

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Rent a canoe or kayak from Catch a Canoe & Bicycles, Too ( Seasoned sheepdog handler Frank Souza can coax even city shepherds into focused farm dogs—at least for a few minutes. Eat: Afterward, lunch at cafe-bakery Della Fattoria Play: Humans soak up iconic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline while dogs romp on a sandy beach and splash in the bay at Crissy Field.The room, with a white bedspread and end tables with slender mahogany legs, feels classically grown-up, not “proofed” for anything.Here, at the Stanford Inn by the Sea () in Mendocino for a beach weekend, it’s as if the word “no” doesn’t exist.There’s an adjacent grassy area with picnic tables (leash required), and the Warming Hut has lattes and snacks.The Gold­en Gate National Recreation Area is proposing new on- and off-leash restrictions, but for now the doggie coast is clear.

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